Social Pulse IBM Research

The rise of social media in the enterprise has enabled new ways for employees to speak up and communicate openly with colleagues. In Social Pulse, we analyze and aggregate employee chatter on internal and external social media sources while preserving employee privacy. Social Pulse surfaces the data through two different user interfaces I designed and built. The first is an advanced dashboard for HR analysts that supports search, segmentation and filtering, and several different interactive visualizations. The second is a high-level visual view accessible to all employees, providing information on top topics around the world and their sentiment over time. I also worked on the backend of this system, including the natural language processing features.


Yannick Assogba, Casey Dugan, Werner Geyer, Stela Lupushor, Laura Panc, Tristan Ratchford, N. Sadat Shami, Todd Soule, and Jiang Yang


Java and D3

Related Publications

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