Empowering Minds Media Lab Europe

The Empowering Minds Learning Network is a web-based environment that supports discussion and reflection on classroom activities. The environment collects and organizes multimedia files and documents from participating students and teachers, allowing them to share their work with each other, with their communities, and with the world. The environment also gathers extensive data on teachers' usage of the service, providing a means for study and personal reflection on each teachers' emergent interests and pedagogical development. The application is currently being used to support Constructionist learning with new digital technologies in Irish primary schools.

I designed and implemented the Empowering Minds database-backed website. I was also involved in evaluating wireless networking hardware to allow the schools to use the website within participating classrooms.


Deirdre Butler and Glorianna Davenport


TCL, AOLserver, OpenACS, and PostgreSQL

Related Publications

Jamie C. Rasmussen, Deirdre Butler, and Glorianna Davenport. A Web-based Environment for Assembling Multimedia Learning Stories in Irish Primary Education. In Proceedings, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). 2002.